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Are you a restaurant looking to advertise? Are you an organization hoping to spread the word about fantastic local establishments? Are you a tourism board planning a campaign to highlight local restaurants, breweries, wineries or more? Let’s work together!

What is Eat Local Ontario Exactly?

In today’s world, it’s important now more than ever to support local, homegrown establishments in the food industry. ELO is a resource for Ontarians and visitors alike to do exactly that! Our mission is to help small businesses get more eyes on them so that they can thrive in this uncertain climate.

Travel and tourism is an amazing industry to get new eyes on these small businesses. ELO looks to inspire anyone and everyone to try a new local establishment whether it be on their next trip across the province or in a neighbouring town. Our goal is to showcase local folks doing what they love and bring these unique experiences to our readers.

The Gals Behind ELO

Eat Local Ontario is the brainchild of Lindz and Steph, two passionate Ontario gals who love to eat and support local. They were talking one day and thought how can we get people to be more mindful about supporting local businesses while travelling Ontario? By creating a resource that folks can look up to see what great eats and treats are nearby whether they’re at home or on the road – hence, ELO was born! You can read more on ELO’s about page.

Both Lindz and Steph have been in the tourism industry as content creators for over five years now. Each has their own respective websites, social media following and marketing networks. These gals joined forces to use their expertise to help small businesses garner more traction and therefore more sales to help ensure they thrive.

Lindz is the force behind I’ve Been Bit! As you probably guessed, she’s been bit by the travel bug and loves documenting her adventures. She’s constantly hunting for local experiences and what truly makes a destination unique, whether that’s in Ontario, Canada or beyond! Lindz is also passionate about constantly learning and expanding her understanding of the world, especially in regards to the incredible teachings found in Indigenous Cultures. Chances are you’ll spot her wacky coloured hair or the funky pair of tights she’ll be sporting as she chases waterfalls, explores new trails and frolics on ice roads – don’t knock it until you try it!

Steph is the champ behind The World As I See It. Her site focuses on travel based around seeking out charming locations, natural landscapes, and historic sites, but doesn’t shy away from tourist attractions. It’s not uncommon to see her taking tours of the cities she’s visiting as well as day tours to locations outside the city. She appreciates the journey it takes to get to her destination as much as the destination itself, whether that’s by plane, train, bus or car. Through her site, she hopes to inspire others to get out and explore more of the world, starting with their own backyards.

What ELO Can Offer

There are a number of ways Lindz and Steph can work with you, whether that’s via Eat Local Ontario or otherwise! Both are experienced freelance writers who have crafted stories for a number of online publications. They are both well-versed in content creation as well as social media marketing practices.

Wondering how ELO can help you?

  • Join our free Facebook Group where you are welcome to share about your business including new specials and news about what’s coming down the pipeline that our members can look forward to
  • Get featured on ELO whether that’s an inclusion in a round-up post, an in-depth article about your business or anything else you may have in mind
  • Social media coverage on any or all of our social media channels to help increase your reach and garner new customers
  • Advertise on ELO with an ad in our sidebar or through in-article placements

What can Lindz and Steph do for you?

  • Craft unique, SEO-optimized articles for your website or work together to create content on either of their respective websites
  • Aid in social media strategy so that you can become more successful via your own social media channels as we answer any and all questions you may have about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest
  • Social media takeovers where we take the reigns and give your followers a unique glimpse into your company or destination via our passionate perspectives

…and that’s just a small taste of what they’re capable of! Lindz and Steph are always happy to help out fellow small businesses in any way they can. If you’re interested in learning more or you have another idea of how you and ELO can work together, please send us an email at eatlocalontario[at]!