11 of the Best Hamilton Restaurants & More Great Eats in the Hammer

Ah, Hamilton. As a city that’s a little rough around the edges, Hamilton is often scoffed at or even ignored by Ontarians and visitors alike. You get such a bad rep but luckily, that’s starting to change. What was once an industrial hotspot is slowly transforming into an eclectic menagerie of natural wonders, artistic prowess and our personal favourite – top-notch eats. If you’re heading to the Hammer and looking for good food, here are some of the best Hamilton restaurants to check out.

11 of the Best Hamilton Restaurants

I included some of because honestly, new restaurants are popping up all the time in Hamilton. As a gal with one mouth and only so much room in my belly (and only so much budget to spend), I can only eat at so many places! This list will constantly grow as I continue to find out about great eats and receive more fantastic recommendations. So, if you’re ever wondering where to eat in the city, bookmark or save this post because I’ll be updating it with new Hamilton restaurants!

That being said, if there’s a restaurant you think should be on this list that hasn’t made it on here, let me know in a comment below. I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of Hamilton restaurants I need to eat at!

Under each restaurant below, I’ve described what kinds of eaters are accommodated at each establishment. Folks like me that will indulge in all the things (aka everything eaters) can have their pick of the list. However, some of you may have some dietary restrictions like the need for gluten-free or vegan options. Restaurants offering these are noted below, along with dietary preferences like those who love meat or seafood.

Alright, let’s get to these delicious restaurants in Hamilton!

Eggs Benedict from Berkeley North
Eggs Benedict from Berkeley North

Berkeley North: Amazing Brunch in Hamilton

This west coast inspired restaurant is not only gorgeous inside but offers a chill, relaxed vibe. While the interior has a sleek yet simple black and white style that complements the exposed brick walls, there’s nothing simple about their menu. Berkeley North’s dishes are expertly crafted to ensure a burst of flavour that will have you coming back for more.

I can’t speak to their dinner menu but if it’s anything like their brunch fare (which I’m sure it is), then you can’t go wrong.  Their eggs benedict is cooked to perfection and the hint of paprika gives the dish a little extra oomph. One thing I also love is that it comes with home fries as well as a delightful citrus salad. Whether you’re looking for a spot to help kick the drab vibes of a rainy day or some solid patio brunch eats, Berkeley North has you covered.

While it’s been quite some time since I visited Berkeley North, the top ratings and raving reviews show that the quality and service haven’t dwindled. It’s definitely one of the best downtown Hamilton restaurants to eat at.

Berkeley North Information

Address:31 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A1
Hours of Operation: Daily from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: Yes, reserve your seat online.
Average Price per Person: $15 – $25


Roast Beef Stuffed Yorkie from Coach & Lantern
How Massive is the Roast Beef Stuffed Yorkie from Coach & Lantern?!

Coach & Lantern Pub: Spooky Yet Delicious

If you’re looking for a charming pub with a whole lot of character, you’ll want to head to Ancaster’s Coach & Lantern Pub. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to Britain as you step inside Ancaster’s 3rd oldest building! Whether you choose to sit inside or indulge on their adorable courtyard patio is up to you, but let’s just say this is one of my favourite patios in Hamilton.

Love a hearty meal? You’ve come to the right place. The Coach & Lantern Pub prides itself in providing top quality British hospitality from friendly service to delicious eats. Pub food honestly isn’t my first choice but I will come back here again and again. Not just because my overall experience was amazing but because of their roast beef stuffed Yorkie. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the dog breed and there are no dogs on their menu. I’m talking shaved roast beef with sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions all smothered in their Guinness gravy, nestled into the biggest Yorkshire pudding I’ve ever seen. Add some garlic mashed potatoes along with some seasonal veggies and, well, you’re welcome.

With 200+ years of history, the Coach & Lantern Pub really is not to be missed. If you’re a lover of ghost stories and the paranormal, having a meal here must be at the top of your list of things to do in Hamilton. Though you’ll want to plan a visit in the early evening… that’s when you’ll have a better chance at catching the ghost who haunts the pub in the act!

Coach & Lantern Pub Information

Address: 384 Wilson St E, Ancaster, ON L9G 2C2
Hours of Operation: Wednesday/Thursday from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Friday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm, closed Sunday/Monday
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: Yes, call 905-304-7822
Average Price per Person: $15 – $25


The Coop's Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich
Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Coop: Stellar Fried Chicken in Hamilton

The Coop claims to have seriously wicked chicken… and they’re not wrong. For over 5 years now, they’ve been serving up some seriously delicious poultry on the corner of King and Hess. Their menu has a wide range of dishes from tacos to sandwiches to, of course, straight-up chicken. The Coop also has vegetarian offerings as well as gluten-free options.

I indulged in their Korean Fried chicken sandwich and it was incredible. Their succulent fried chicken is smothered in a sweet (but packing some heat) gochujang sauce, cucumber, lettuce, cilantro and topped with Sriracha mayo. If you hate cilantro as I do, don’t worry – I honestly couldn’t taste it due to all the other flavours overpowering it. Though this sandwich should definitely come with a warning… it’s incredibly messy. In my opinion though, being covered in your meal just means you’re truly enjoying it.

The Coop has bottomless mimosas every weekend until 3:00pm. Make friends with a DD.

While I fell head over heels with this spot because of their food and awesome mural-ified patio, that affection was certainly backed up by their incredible pun game. With food tasty as cluck and a wicked nostalgic vibe that channels the 80s and 90s, The Coop clearly doesn’t care if they ruffle any feathers as they strut their stuff – and I’m here for it.

The Coop Information

Address:274 King St W #272, Hamilton, ON L8P 1J6
Hours of Operation: Monday to Wednesday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, Thursday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, Friday from 11:00 am until Midnight, Saturday from 10:30 am until Midnight, Sunday from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: Not as far as we know
Average Price per Person: $10 – $20


Mushroom Calzone and Side Salad from Democracy* Coffee House
It Might Not Look the Most Appetizing but I Swear It’s Delish!

Democracy* Coffee House: Great Vegan Food in Hamilton

Non-vegans may groan at the thought of going to a vegan-only restaurant but let me tell you this about Democracy* Coffee House. First, it’s not pretentious at all and has a warm, welcoming vibe. Second, trust me when I say you won’t miss the meat.  I’m not vegan myself but have a few friends that are so I’m happy to indulge in a vegan meal whenever the opportunity arises. Democracy* on Locke Street is easily one of my favourite spots to eat like a vegan in Hamilton!

Whether you choose to settle in at a table as you bask in the abundance of natural light that fills Democracy* or you get your eats to go is up to you, though I’d definitely choose the former. Honestly if you can eat in, do it. Their space is beautiful with the huge chalkboards adding a personal touch. While you might want to settle in and do some work on your laptop, you’ll want to be warned… there’s no wifi. YEP, time to disconnect and actually catch up face to face with your coffee date!

While unfortunately I don’t see it on the menu anymore, my go-to was their mushroom calzone. This meal was seriously the bomb dot com. As you’ll see above, this bad boy was not only exploding with an incredible amount of enoki mushrooms and gooey cheese but also bursting with flavour. I keep checking back every few weeks hoping it will return but alas, no such luck… yet.

Democracy* Coffee House Information

Address: 202 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B4
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday from 7:30 am to 8:00pm, Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: No
Average Price per Person: $15 – $20


Spicy Tuna Bowl from The Diplomat
Spicy Tuna Bowl from The Diplomat

The Diplomat: Instagrammable & Delicious

Inspired by street eats and markets around the world, The Diplomat is one seriously cool restaurant in Hamilton. As soon as you step inside, you’ll notice the colourfully eclectic decor as you see mismatched furniture that still somehow seems to complement one another. Huge kitschy paintings within ornate frames adorn the walls to complete the space and supporting the upbeat atmosphere it exudes.

Their menu is continually changing but one thing you can count on is decent portions and delicious eats. During my visit, I indulged in their spicy tuna bowl and it was the perfect balance of substantial yet light. Brilliantly coloured thanks to the plethora of vegetables, it looked as good as it tasted!

While I haven’t had it myself, I’ve heard The Diplomat is one of the best spots for brunch in Hamilton. I mean, I’m eyeing their jerk chicken and waffles right now and definitely drooling a little bit. Pair it with their adorable, lush patio and it sounds like the perfect way to start a weekend!

The Diplomat Information

Address: 43 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A2
Hours of Operation: Wednesday/Thursday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Friday from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Saturday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, Sunday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: Yes, you can reserve online.
Average Price per Person: $20 – $30


Some of the Delicious Sandwiches from Hammerheads
Some of the Delicious Sandwiches from Hammerhead’s

Hammerhead’s on Ottawa: Best Fish & Chips in Hamilton

If you’re looking for some quality fish and chips, head to Hamilton’s East End where you’ll find Hammerhead’s. This unsuspecting storefront serves some incredible eats that will have you constantly coming back for more. The owner, Scott, had dreams of opening a restaurant and thought back to his favourite memories growing up fishing and digging for clams in Nova Scotia. He decided to bring a taste of home to Hamilton and a fresh, sustainable way – and it’s 100% Hamilton’s gain.

One thing I absolutely love about Hammerhead’s is their support for the Indigenous communities in Canada. Not only did they join the lobster boycott in support of the Mi’kmaq out east, but they source their salmon and steelhead from First Nations sustainable farm projects on the west coast often.

Also I have to say, their prices are EXTREMELY reasonable. If you take advantage of their daily specials too, I guarantee your belly and wallet will be very happy. With their Rockfish Bahn Mi at $12, Shrimp Curries for $11 on Thursdays and other amazing deals, you honestly can’t go wrong. If you haven’t eaten at this Hamilton restaurant yet – change that immediately!

Oh, and while the entire menu is gluten-free, those of us who eat all the gluten won’t be able to taste the difference. It’s 100% delish.

Hammerhead’s on Ottawa Information

Address: 80 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z1
Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Closed Sundays
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: No
Average Price per Person: $10 – $20


The 808 Pizza from MaiPai
The 808 Pizza from MaiPai


I’ve been told by many that MaiPai is the best pizza in Hamilton. While I haven’t eaten at every pizza place in the city, I’ve indulged in my fair share and MaiPai is definitely a top contender.

One thing I love about MaiPai is that they do deep dish style pizza which I haven’t had in years. I typically prefer a thin crust but MaiPai’s is the right amount of crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Their sauce is incredibly flavourful and they use quality ingredients – including their toppings. When the pulled pork actually pulls apart when you take a bite, you know it’s good.

You might be a little shocked to see some of their small pizzas on their menu costing $19, but you’re paying for the quality. Also, I was able to get two meals out of it and I have a fairly large appetite. Even folks I know that can eat like champs have struggled to finish a small, so leftovers are almost guaranteed.

If you’re wondering what to get, I’ve heard good things about both their supreme and chicken bacon ranch pizzas, though I can say hands down that The 808 is one tasty pie. Their delicious dough is topped with their Detroit red sauce, Kalua Pork that’s been roasted in a banana leaf, crispy spam and fresh pineapple are then drizzled with pineapple teriyaki sauce to create the most epic Hawaiian pizza you’ve ever tasted. And yes, I’m team pineapple on pizza and if you’re not, it’s 100% your loss.

On Thursdays, they offer a deal where you can get any large pizza plus an order of wings and a cocktail kit for $45. If that’s too much, you can get a small pizza with parm fries and a cocktail kit for $30!

Oh, and do yourself a favour by getting an order of parm fries. Their waffle fries are lightly tossed in a Korean-BBQ-esque sauce and then topped with freshly shaved parmesan cheese. These fries are so good that I would drive all the way to MaiPai just to get them.

MaiPai Information

Address: 631 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 3A1
Hours of Operation: Thursdays and Sundays from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am, Closed Monday to Wednesday
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: No, not open for in-person dining
Average Price per Person: $25 – $40


Takeout From Merk Snack Bar
Some of the Delicious Take Out Eats from Merk Snack Bar

Merk Snack Bar: The Best Tapas in Hamilton

Merk by definition is a verb meaning one of three things: to fully indulge in an activity, to perform well, and to act passionately and fully – Merk Snack Bar is certainly all of those and more. This is probably why I keep coming back despite there being so many restaurants in Hamilton to eat at.

Their menu features delicious tapa dishes that are perfect for sharing. Sourcing ingredients from local bakeries, markets and farmers, their offerings change seasonally depending on what’s available. These eats are next level as Merk Snack Bar is all about adding unique touches to their dishes. I’ve indulged in a number of them but the one I can never get enough of is their Korean fried chicken. It packs a bit of heat but it is bursting with flavour! It’s honestly a must-order for every visit.

Also, I have to give them a HUGE shoutout for navigating these lockdowns so well. I had the pleasure of dining when they were doing the drive-thru alley and it was honestly perfect. Not only was the food amazing (as always), but it was so easy to order and eat. It was a semblance of normal that she needed and the visit from Mark himself was the icing on the cake. It’s very clear he appreciates each and every customer which will always have me coming back for more. Besides, I need to check out their adorable patio vibes!

Merk Snack Bar Information

Address:189 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z4
Hours of Operation: Monday to Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Friday/Saturday from 3:00 pm – Midnight, Sundays from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Take Out: Yes, you can order online here
Reservations: Yes, reserve your spot by calling 905-869-9159
Average Price per Person: $15 – $30


Tacos from The Mule
Photo Courtesy of The Mule’s Facebook Page

The Mule: Top-Notch Tacos in Hamilton

Located just a few doors down from Berkeley North, The Mule is yet another amazing restaurant you’ll find along King William. It was one of, if not THE first restaurant in Hamilton I ever ate at. Despite eating here multiple times over a number of years, I have to say that I’ve never been disappointed. These are easily some of the best tacos around and I have yet to have one I didn’t like. I’d be lying if I didn’t say The Mule is one of my favourite places to eat in downtown Hamilton!

If you’ve eaten at The Edit located inside Arlington Hotel in Paris, then you’ll know what to expect as The Mule is a part of The Other Bird’s group of restaurants. And since The Edit is one of the best restaurants in Paris… then you know you’ll be getting quality eats here!

One look at the menu and you’ll see that The Mule is all about tacos and tequila. I mean, how can you not be – it’s a match made in heaven! Similar to many of the restaurants on here, their offerings often change though I absolutely love their fish tacos as well as their brussel sprouts tacos. I know, sounds weird but don’t knock it until you try it.

If you’re not feeling tacos (which is blasphemy but I’ll let it slide this time) there are plenty of other delicious items on their menu like calamari, ceviche, nachos and more. Also, their entire menu is gluten-free for our anti-gluten readers. Pro-gluten readers – you will not miss the gluten, I swear.

The Mule Information

Address: 41 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A2
Hours of Operation: Daily from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Take Out: Yes, place your order online here
Reservations: Yes, you can reserve a spot online here
Average Price per Person: $20 – $40


Take Out Kabob Plate from Rony's Chicken
Half of the Kabob Plate from Rony’s Chicken

Rony’s Restaurant

Early into my Hamilton days, Rony’s was recommended to me as the best chicken in the area. Now, I’m not a big fan of chicken personally but when someone says it’s the best, I have to try it.

Now, they claim to have the best charcoal chicken in the city. While I can’t confirm or deny this as I haven’t eaten all the options available, I can say that it is incredibly juicy and delicious. Plus they make everything in-house, which is always a win in my books. Honestly though, you can tell just by how flavourful the meals are!

I got their kabob plate for takeout which I highly recommend. You’ll get their delicious chicken on a bed of seasoned rice and peas. It also comes with two of the following sides: hummus, their house salad, Tabouleh salad or coleslaw. I went with their house salad and coleslaw and while I wasn’t overly impressed with the later, I absolutely devoured their house salad. I think I’d do a double dose of that next order, or maybe I’ll try the hummus!

On Mondays they have a buy three get one free special. This is perfect if you have a larger family or if you just want to have leftovers for later!

Rony’s Restaurant Information

Address: 312 Gray Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 1V5
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Take Out: Yes
Reservations: No, not open for in-person dining
Average Price per Person: $10 – $20

brunch in Hamilton at Bread Bar on James with avocado toast
A coupe of top brunch menu items at Bread Bar: Avocado Toast and Coconut Curry

Earth to Table: Bread Bar on James

Sundays don’t have to be boring laundry days, add brunch to brighten your day. Earth to Table: Bread Bar on James serves up the best brunch in Hamilton. Be prepared for an epic feast with their all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet. Plus, you can also order off their a la carte menu. While $49 per person might sound steep, the price includes all the food and two cocktails like a mimosa or spritz, which they affectionately dub ‘eye openers.

Bread Bar has two locations in Hamilton and one in Guelph. With a tag line like ‘good ingredients matter,’ they are passionate about the farm to fork movement. They produce dishes with in-season ingredients with the finest quality and in turn deliver an astounding flavour profile with every bite.

Sunday brunch at Bread Bar on James offers a diverse range of dishes to choose from. Start with a fresh cup of their Reunion coffee and browse the menu. A few must-try dishes from their brunch menu are the Shakshuka, Korean Fried Chicken, Avocado Toast, and Buttermilk Pancakes. However, there’s a fabulous mix of egg-inspired, savoury, and sweet dishes. At the buffet bar you’ll find their famous pizzas, fruit cups, fresh breads, antipasto, and more! Plus, there’s a variety of vegan and gluten-free items.

This isn’t just a brunch spot; Bread Bar has an incredible line up for lunch and dinner. In addition, it’s also the place to be from 3 to 5pm Monday to Friday for their Appy Hour! During this time, you and your friends can enjoy a blend of weekly specials as well as seasonally inspired sharables, along with discounted pitches of cocktails like Sangria and Berried Alive.

Earth to Table: Bread Bar James Information

Address: 14 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2J9
Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday 11am – 9pm, Friday & Saturday 11am – 10pm, Sunday 9:30am – 9pm
Take Out: Yes, you can order online
Reservations: Yes, reserve your spot by calling 905-522-2999


Rainbow Brite Pancakes from Electric Diner
Photo Courtesy of the Electric Diner Facebook Page

More Top Hamilton Restaurants to Visit

In a city with brand new restaurants opening every other day it seems, you can imagine that Steph and I haven’t been able to check them all out. While we believe those above are certainly some of the best restaurants in Hamilton, we also know there are more waiting to be indulged in! Here are a few more of the best Hamilton restaurants that are on our radar for future meals – and a few we would return to.

  • Aberdeen Tavern – Think big city dining but in a historic, inviting setting. Located inside an old bank, they focus on comfort foods with a spin. Their chef works alongside local farmers and sustainable food importers for top-notch eats.
  • Baci – While it’s located inside the Best Western hotel on Stone Church Road, Baci is said to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Hamilton. Gnocci, burrata, Osso Bucco – they’ve got it all! They also have half-priced pasta dishes on Sundays.
  • Bedrock Bistro – Okay, this gal can’t resist a themed restaurant, especially something as classic as Flintstones! Honestly though, they do have a pretty solid breakfast and you can’t go wrong with their Steel City Slammer. With waffles, French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, homefries AND toast… it fed me for three meals.
  • Burger’s Priest – While this is a fairly well-known chain in Ontario and we typically go for one-off restaurants, we had to include Burger’s Priest because of their burger, The Vatican City. No, we’re not religious (far from it) but how can you not include them for their double cheeseburger sandwiched between two grilled cheese as the bun. Yes, you’re welcome for the delicious heart attack.
  • Burnt Tongue – Looking for a filling meal that doesn’t break the bank? The Burnt Tongue has you covered as they are a soup restaurant though they serve salads, burgers, sandwiches and more. With three locations across the city, they each have their own unique offerings that change daily with their King Street location having the most variety.
  • Cause & Effect – If there is a speakeasy for foodies, Cause & Effect would be just that. They’re all about the experience from the food on your plate to the atmosphere. Their menu features a wide variety of items from pasta to poke bowls to massive surf and turf platters. Cause & Effect have a number of daily specials throughout the week, though I’m most excited about their buck-a-shuck oysters on Mondays! Oh, and their igloo-like domes you can dine in. Adorbs!
  • The Dirty South – One of the top restaurants in Hamilton for Southern fare. Pick from one of their signature meals like their ‘Big Pig’ or ‘More Cowbell’ sandwiches or take matters into our own hands and build your own delicious concoction. While you typically think this means a plethora of meat, they have a number of vegetarian and vegan options as well.
  • Electric Diner – They had me at their adorable 80s retro diner vibe but one look at their menu and you’ll be wishing you visited sooner… just like I am right now. Not only do they have an awesome patio and cozy decor but they have some seriously unique dishes on their menu. Pancakes that are as bright as their colour scheme? Burgers that are as big as your head? Count me in!
  • Le Chinois – From what we’ve seen, Le Chinois is said to be one of the best restaurants for Chinese food in Hamilton. The original restaurant is located in Burlington but they’ve opened a smaller location in the city. Le Chinois has fantastic lunch deals and from what we’ve seen, their orange chicken and pan-friend noodles are a must-try. While it seems like more of a spot for take-out, we’ll have to confirm when we’re finally able to visit.
Newfie Eggs Benedict from The Stage Diner
Newfie Eggs Benedict from The Stage Diner
  • Motel Restaurant – Now I hate starting off by saying that restaurants are Instagram-worthy because you should be going there for the food… but the Motel Restaurant is freakin’ adorable. If you love pretty things and appreciate top-notch interior design, you will be swooning at this simple yet elegant pastel palette. All about the brunch, you’ll find French toast, pancakes and more on the menu.
  • The French – You can probably guess from the name what type of cuisine you’ll find at The French. Another adorable spot that is Insta-worthy, The French also has a heavy focus on brunch fare. We’ve heard it’s one of the best brunch restaurants in Hamilton… but we’ll have to keep you posted until we can verify!
  • Stage Diner – When I heard that a diner had opened serving up a taste of the east coast, I just couldn’t resist a visit. Here you’ll find wholesome, home-cooked eats are the heart of their menu. What caught my eye is their Newfie Eggs Benedict. Think an eggs benny with fried bologna (no not that packaged crap, this is super delicious) served on toutons instead of an English muffin. Don’t worry, I had no idea what a touton was either but think of it as a bun that’s fluffy like a pancake. This combo makes it easily one of the best eggs benedicts in Hamilton!
  • Tall Tree Sandwich – Sandwiches, salads and a whole lot of comfort food. While neither of us has been to New Orleans ourselves, it’s said that Tall Tree’s cod po’boy will bring a taste of Louisiana to you. However, what they’re best known for is the sheer SIZE of their sandwiches. If you’re looking for some massive portions at an incredible price, then you’ll be a happy camper at Tall Tree Sandwich.
  • Mesa Restaurant – For authentic Mexican fare, Mesa Restaurant has you covered. Chimichangas, chalupas, tamales – you name it, they probably have it on the menu! Reviews online say they offer some of the freshest Mexican cuisine in the city and we can’t wait until we can taste test for ourselves.
  • Munchies Coffee House & BARKery – If you couldn’t guess by the name, this is most certainly a dog-friendly restaurant in Hamilton. They’re all about the Belgian waffles here, as well as treats for your pup. Personally, we’ve found that most waffle places err on the side of sweet but there are so many savoury waffle options on their menu! Munchies also has a wide variety of latte flavours that we’re dying to try like their toasted marshmallow mocha and butter pecan latte.
  • Mystic Ramen – I still can’t believe I haven’t made it to Mystic Ramen. Located inside the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, they make their own broth from scratch and source their ingredients as local as possible. Build your own scrumptious bowl or try one of their house favourites like the Tokyo Shoyu (chicken broth with Shoyu seasoning, pork belly, Naruto maki, scallions, menma and an egg) or their Tantamen if you like some heat (sesame and chili seasoning in their creamy chicken broth, minced pork and seasonal vegetables).
  • Radius – When their motto is “we love local”, you know we’re chomping at the bit to enjoy a meal at Radius. They have a number of partnerships with local farmers and suppliers as they source as many ingredients as possible from the region. Housed in a fully restored historic building that was once occupied by one of Hamilton’s great innovators, Isaac Buchanan, you’ll be treated to great eats under their original 16 foot tall tin ceilings. As they do source as local as possible, the menu changes often but this just guarantees some of the freshest eats in the city.
Brewers Blackbird in Dundas
The Brewers Blackbird in Dundas

Additional Hamilton Restaurants to Check Out

As we’ve said, we only have so much room in our stomachs (and so much space on our credit cards…). If none of the top Hamilton restaurants above have tickled your fancy or you’re just looking for more Hamilton restaurant ideas, here’s a rundown of some more places to eat in Hamilton that will hopefully satisfy whatever you’re craving. Maybe we’ll eventually get to them and see if they make it to the best of Hamilton section!

  • Ancaster Mill – One of the hot spots for fine dining in Hamilton with its picturesque creekside seating and seasonal eats
  • Born and Raised – Italian restaurant owned by Top Chef Season 4 finalist, Vittorio Colacitti
  • The Brewer’s Blackbird – Craft brewery and kitchen in Ancaster
  • Buddy’s Roadhouse – Quaint-looking restaurant with some serious cottage vibes and one of the cutest patios in Hamilton
  • The Capitol – Mostly craft beer and drinks but their limited menu is said to be delicious
  • Caro Restaurant – Reasonably-priced modern Italian restaurant with great weekday lunch specials
  • Charred Rotisserie House – Specializes in roasted chicken dishes
  • Chicago Style Pizza – …it’s pretty self-explanatory: deep dish Chicago style pizza
  • Conquistador – Portuguese restaurant with an emphasis on seafood
  • Earth to Table Bread Bar – Wholesome eats sourced as locally as possible
  • Fool and Flagon – British style pub that was voted to have some of the best pub food in Hamilton last year
  • Hambrgr – They claim to make the best damn burger you’ll ever eat
  • Namu Restaurant – Korean-fusion restaurant in Dundas
  • Osten – Old workshop turned beerhall
  • Pho Binh Minh – Delicious Vietnamese eats with three locations in the Hamilton area
  • Planted – Vegan restaurant and bakery with gluten-free and Kosher eats
  • Rebel’s Rock – A taste of Ireland in Hamilton
  • Seasoned Restaurant – French-Italian cuisine in a homey setting
  • Shy’s Place – Upscale yet cozy with a wide variety of eats, though their pasta is made from scratch in-house
  • Shakespeare’s – Some of the top fine dining in Hamilton with a focus on steak, fish and wild game
  • Tomah Restaurant – Syrian restaurant sharing their culture and history via food
  • Verlan – French crêperie with delicious daily concoctions

I need a bigger belly, a strict exercise regimen and a larger bank account. Anybody that can help me in any of these three areas – I’ll love you forever. If you STILL want more restaurant recommendations, I can’t recommend the ONRestaurants+ Hamilton group enough. It’s thanks to the kind folks in there that I found out about the majority of these Hamilton restaurants!

View of Hamilton in Autumn
There’s More Than Great Eats to Be Found in Hamilton!

Things to Do in Hamilton

In a city of over half a million people, you can imagine there are a number of things to do in Hamilton. Since you’ll need to entertain yourself between meals, why not explore the city?

  • As we’ve mentioned, Hamilton is the city of waterfalls with over 100 to be found within the city’s boundaries. We recommend taking some time to check out some of the best waterfalls in Hamilton.
  • There are also plenty of incredible hiking trails to explore across the city! Work off your meals by hitting up some of the top hikes in Hamilton.
  • Hamilton has no shortage of street art! Wander the streets of the downtown core looking for murals or head to hotspots like Collective Arts Brewing and enjoy a pint while admiring the incredible artwork.
  • Did you know that Hamilton is seriously haunted? Hunt for ghosts at some of these most haunted locations in the city… if you dare!
  • Go hunt for some Hollywood scenes! Hamilton is a popular spot for filming and you just might be surprised what shows have been filmed here. If you’re a fan of Murdoch Mysteries, you’ll definitely want to check out the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology is one of the city’s top indoor attractions.
  • You might not realize that Hamilton is a hot bed for brilliant works of art beyond the public murals you’ll see. Plan a visit to some of the galleries in town like the Art Gallery of Hamilton and admire their exhibitions.
  • We mentioned one or two in this list but Hamilton has some seriously amazing local coffee shops which will help fuel your adventures.
  • Do-nut walk but run to treat yourself to some of Hamilton’s amazing doughnut shops. Besides if you run, that just means you have have multiple… right?
Interior Wide Angle Shot of a Hotel Room at the Staybridge Suites
Image Taken from Staybridge Suites Listing on Booking.com

Hamilton Hotels for a Weekend Getaway

As you can imagine, you’ll need a lot more than just a day trip to check out these top Hamilton restaurants! Luckily there are a number of fantastic places to stay in Hamilton for a weekend getaway. Here are a few of our recommendations for hotels in Hamilton and of course, take a look at the map below if our suggestions don’t quite make the cut.

Staybridge Suites – Located in the heart of downtown, these rooms come fully equipped with everything you may need for your stay. It’s like a mini apartment inside the hotel! Breakfast is also included in your stay, though a number of the Hamilton restaurants in this post are within walking distance… just sayin’. Click here to book your stay!

Visitor’s Inn – Looking for a mix of restaurants within walking distance as well as access to the fantastic trails at the Royal Botanical Gardens’ Cootes Paradise? Then I recommend the Visitor’s Inn! It doesn’t look like much on the outside but these simple yet modern rooms are a reasonable price… meaning more money for those Hamilton restaurants. They also have a pool and fitness centre so you can work up that appetite! Click here to book your stay.

Sink Your Teeth Into These Hamilton Eats!

Hamilton’s industrial past and the misconceptions that come with it might be to blame for the negative assumptions but pair good eatin’ with the city being the waterfall capital of the world, full of beautiful hikes and a plethora of street art as well as museums and galleries, and you have an incredible destination.

Whether you’re looking for dinner in Hamilton, a great brunch spot or somewhere for a snack, there are so many amazing eats in the city. Hamilton truly is a foodie city rivalling Toronto, Ottawa and others, but often without breaking the bank. As you can imagine, there are always new restaurants in Hamilton so if you know of a great place that’s not on this list, please leave a comment below. I’d hate for myself and my readers to miss out on yet another delicious opportunity in “The Hammer”!

Oh, and anyone who says they can’t find good food in Hamilton can get the hell outta here!

While we do our best to keep the information on Eat Local Ontario up to date, we sometimes miss things. If you notice something that needs to be updated, please comment or send us an email at eatlocalontario[at]gmail.com and we’ll look into it as soon as we can. Thank you!

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  1. Le Chinos is disgusting unless you like heavy doses of soya sauce. There are many Chinese places better than that. Try Dim Sum House on King or Noodle Me on Wilson. Even Iron Chef on Upper Sherman is better.

    1. Hi Kimberley, thank you for your comment. we all have different tastes and preferences. Thank you for the recommendations you offered, we’ll have to check them out soon! 🙂

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