15+ Awesome Donuts in Ontario You Donut Want to Miss

Donuts are a staple in Canada and might even be considered a food group to some. While many flock to a popular coffee shop named after a legendary Canadian hockey player for donuts there are a ton of delicious donut shops in Ontario that should be on your radar. Some even consider Canada the donut capital of the world! But it doesn’t matter how you spell it, you donut wanna miss our epic list of the best donuts in Ontario to feed your sweet tooth!

Top 12 Donuts in Ontario to Devour

While you can’t buy happiness but you can buy donuts and that’s the same in our books! Across Ontario there are a wealth of fun doughnut shops serving up crazy flavour combinations. We’ve done the leg work and the taste tests to bring you the top donuts in Ontario you’ll want to devour!

Lady Glaze Doughnuts selection

Lady Glaze Doughnuts

You may be glazed and confused with where to start on your hunt for the best donuts in Ontario but a good place to start is at Lady Glaze Doughnuts. The dream team behind Lady Glaze opened the first shop in Kitchen’s Belmont Village. And even during a crazy couple of years managed to open two more locations, one in Guelph and one in Stratford. We had the pleasure of visiting their third location during our time eating our way through the best restaurants in Stratford.

Their playful and colourful exterior draws you in and perfectly matches their donuts. Lady Glaze Doughnuts sources as many ingredients locally as they can by working with farmers and local vendors. No artificial flavours go into their donuts. Every mouth-watering donut is made from natural ingredients. For instance, their strawberry glaze is made from real fresh strawberries. Lady Glaze offers a range of crazy flavours like Strawberry Daiquiri and Arnold Palmer, which is a classic brioche doughnut that’s dipped in tea glaze and topped with lemon drizzle. The best part is there are always new donut flavours popping up and they have vegan and gluten-free donuts.

Lady Glaze Doughnuts Information

Locations: 10 Downie Street in Stratford, 701 Belmont Avenue West in Kitchener, 46 Quebec Street in Guelph
Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am – 8pm

Beechwood Doughnuts

Since opening their doors in 2015, Beechwood Doughnuts has been a celebrated hit both in St. Catharines and in the Niagara Region. Their reputation is bursting out of the region and further afield now too with the rise in popularity with gourmet donuts. This community-minded local donut shop is also proud to call themselves an Ontario Living Wage Employer.

Serving up warm, fresh doughnuts, Beechwood Doughnuts is the first and only purely vegan doughnut shop in Niagara. Not a vegan? Donut worry! You’ll love all of Beechwood’s plant-based doughnuts! A couple of tasty concoctions you’ll want to devour are their Watermelon Sugar Cake Doughnut and their Coffee Cronut. And for all the fritter fans you’ll have a few to choose from, like their Blueberry Maple Fritter and Peach Fritter.

Local Tip: Beechwood Doughnuts is only doing pre-orders currently. You can order on their website here.

Beechwood Doughnuts Information

Address: 165 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 5pm Sunday & Monday Closed

Mariposa Market

One of the best donuts in Ontario you can have is at Mariposa Market in Ontario. You don’t have to take our word for it! Their donuts won the Food Network’s Donut Showdown. Mariposa Market is set in a lovely century old building in downtown Orillia and has been a favourite for locals and visitors for over 35 years.

The Market sells every kind of baked good you can imagine, from cakes to fresh bread. Along with their baked goods you’ll find sandwiches, coffee and hot meals. The Mariposa Market is one of the many great places to eat in Orillia. But you’re here for their signature Texas donuts and massive apple fritters! Baked fresh daily, the donuts at Mariposa Market are so big that they’re share-worthy!

Mariposa Market Information

Address: 109 Mississaga Street East in Orillia
Hours: Monday to Sunday 7am – 6pm

Boxcar Donuts

It all started with a cup of coffee and grew into some of the best artisanal donuts in Ontario! Boxcar Donuts, located in London, began with CommonWealth Coffee Co. The owners felt like something was missing. Donuts! These self-taught bakers have paired their incredible coffee with equally amazing donuts.

Boxcar Donuts uses the best and freshest of ingredients to make their donuts. While they do offer some classics, you’re going to want to sink your teeth into one of their specialty donuts like Cinnamon Whiskey Crunch, Apple Walnut Pie and Peppermint Matcha Latte. And be sure to visit during the holiday season to try one of the amazing seasonal donuts!

Boxcar Donuts Information

Address: 478 Richmond Street, London
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9am – 4pm Monday Closed

The Sunshine Doughnut Co

If you’re looking for a ray of sunshine in donut form then head to Burlington! You can’t miss the giant pink dipped donut atop the roof of The Sunshine Doughnut Co. This fun and colour shop is beloved by all who taste their handmade donuts. This road-trip worth donut shop also has a number of coffee options to wash your sweet treat down with.

The Sunshine Doughnut Co says you can taste the love they put into their donuts. We agree! They have a rotating menu that offers everything from the classic vanilla dip with sprinkles to their out of this world creations like a Peanut Butter Cups doughnut. A few crowd favourites include their Cotton Candy and Nanaimo Bar doughnuts. And if you’re looking for more places to eat in Burlington try Son of a Peach Pizzeria that’s also operated by the owners of The Sunshine Doughnut Co.

The Sunshine Doughnut Co. Information

Address: 439 Brock Avenue in Burlington
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9am – 3pm Monday Closed

Glory Hole Doughnuts

At Glory Hole Doughnuts their motto is “What Creams are Made of!” The award-winning doughnut recipe from Glory Hole Doughnuts has propelled them to one of the best donuts in Toronto! The woman behind the brand is community-driven and wants to give people donuts made from scratch with real ingredients. First established in 2021, Glory Hole Doughnuts grew into two locations in the city.

Glory Hole Doughnuts makes over 500 vegan and mini doughnuts every weekday and 1200 every day on the weekend! Their donuts are made from a cold fermentation process that creates a dough that’s incredibly fluffy and sticky. The two best adjectives for a donut! Flavours you should add to your box include the Mexican Hot Chocolate, the Chunky Monkey and the Blueberry Cheesecake-filled. But you’ll want some of their mini doughnuts trip back home!

Glory Hole Doughnuts Information

Address: 1596 Queen Street West & 1505 Gerrard Street East in Toronto
Hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm


Donut Hive

Donut Hive

What if we told you that you didn’t even need to leave the house for donuts? Head to your front porch in your bathrobe and there waiting for you can be a box of some of Ontario’s best donuts! While Donut Hive has a location in the Yorkdale Mall they also do deliveries to rotating locations across Southern Ontario. You can find their delivery details on their website here. Formerly known as The Box Donut, Donut Hive is known for their interesting hexagon donut shape.

Their shop serves up a range of coffee and their famous gourmet donuts that are made from only the finest ingredients like Beligum’s Callebaut chocolate. No food colouring or additives are added and even their jam fillings are homemade and preservative-free. Some amazing ones to try are their Raspberry Pistachio, Pineapple, and Matcha Kit Kat. All of their cream-filled donuts will have you ordering more.  Plant-based eaters will delight in their vegan options! But all of Donut Hive’s donuts are amazing and with flavours changing seasonally you’ll want to check them out again and again!

Donut Hive Information

Address: 3401 Dufferin Street in North York in the Yorkdale Mall
Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am – 7pm


Donut Monster donuts

Donut Monster

After starting out in local coffee shops and stores in Hamilton Donut Monster opened their own brick and mortar donut shop in 2018. They pride themselves on making their donuts from scratch every day with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. And as such, you’ll find a seasonal cycle of flavours at Donut Monster. They’re also a Living Wage Employer and serve up a host of coffee drinks made from only high-quality coffee roasters as well as steeped teas from Monarch Tea Co.

The options at Donut Monster will test even seasoned sweet tooths. Their ever-changing menu serves up both traditional yeast donuts as well as vegan varieties. Flavours that you might find at Donut Monster range from Hazelnut Espresso to Butterscotch Toffee Filled as well as Dill Pickle. And if you need something cool to pair with your one-of-a-kind donut then try their milkshakes! They have vanilla and chocolate as well as seasonal flavours and are made with local Hewitt’s Dairy or Ruby’s vegan ice cream.

Looking for more places to eat in Hamilton? Check out our guide to the Best Hamilton Restaurants

Donut Monster Information

Address: 246 Locke Street South in Hamilton
Hours: Monday to Sunday 8am – 6pm

Maverick’s Donuts Company

We couldn’t create a list of Ontario’s best donuts and not include one from Canada’s capital! Maverick’s Donuts is home to the best donuts in Ottawa! In case you needed more reassurance they have five different locations across the city all serving up made fresh daily donuts for locals and tourists! Made in their own kitchen and using real ingredients you’ve got to add Maverick’s to your list of places to eat in Ottawa.

Maverick’s Donuts’ bright and colourful shops serve a variety of classic donuts as well as gourmet ones. You’ll also find vegan options and specialty coffees. You’ll catch the sweet smell of their donuts before you even enter. And if you can’t decide on what to try we recommend the Lemon Ricotta, the vegan Chocolate Oreo, and their famous apple fritters.

Maverick’s Donuts Information

Locations: 1500 Bank Street, 46 Byward Market Square, 4055 Carling Avenue, 307a Richmond Road & 1408 Stittsville Main Street in Ottawa
Hours: Opening and closing times differ between locations. Please check specific location for hours.

Nicky's Doughnuts & Ice Cream in Collingwood

Nicky’s Doughnuts & Ice Cream

After visiting one of the best restaurants in Collingwood you’re going to want dessert! Head to one of Collingwood’s sweetest new shops, Nicky’s Doughnuts & Ice Cream! Serving up two of the best treats, this local shop is rising in the ranks of Ontario’s best donuts. Located in a cute shop in downtown Collingwood, Nicky’s Doughnuts’ slogan is “Come on, get happy” and you will when you taste these donuts!

You’ll find a select variety of fun donut creations like the Lemon Meringue and the Shirley Temple. All donuts are prepared fresh every morning. Along with Nicky’s awesome donuts, some of which are vegan, you’ll find the next best dessert – ice cream! The ice cream at Nicky’s is handmade on-site with milk from Sheldon Creek Dairy in Loretto, Ontario. If you need something to wash down that sweet doughnut then grab a cup of Nicky’s coffee that’s made from Anchored Coffee from Nova Scotia.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, it’s ice cream only at Nicky’s.

Nicky’s Doughnuts & Ice Cream Information

Address: 10 Third Street in Collingwood
Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am – 7pm


Crave Doughnuts
Crave Doughnuts Rice Krispy Cruller

Crave Doughnuts

For the lightest and fluffiest doughnuts in Ontario take a trip to Whitby! Two serious doughnut lovers opened Crave Doughnuts in 2017 in their hometown out of a serious passion for doughnuts! These aren’t your regular boring doughnuts. They are handmade using local ingredients to make unique seasonal flavours.

Crave Doughnut’s fluffy and only mildly sweet doughnuts are thanks to their brioche dough. All of their doughnuts are made fresh daily in-house along with their custards, creams and glazes. Some of their doughnuts flavours that will have you craving a bite of are their Dulce de Leche Churro Cruller, the Guava Cheesecake, and their vegan Salted Maple Pecan.

Crave Doughnuts Information

Address: 102 Lupin Drive in Whitby
Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 11am – 3pm Monday & Tuesday Closed


Mmm Donuts

Mmm Donuts Café & Bakery

On the shores of Kempenfelt Bay sits Barrie, a city filled with some of the best restaurants, patios and bakeries in Ontario. It’s also home to one of the best donut shops in Ontario, Mmm Donuts Café & Bakery. In the city’s south end, in an unassuming strip plaza, is where you’ll find this colourful gem. This bakery and café serve a variety of sweet treats, hot beverages and custom cakes. But be prepared for line ups for their donuts!

Mmm Donuts is a plant-based bakery with a fun assortment of vegan donuts as well as gluten free donuts. After opening a couple of years ago in a small shop they’ve been doing so well they’ve now expanded into the unit next door. Along with the classics a few of their colourful creations are the Birthday Cake Donut, the Fudgeo and their Rainbow Donut with a sour rainbow-coloured candy on top.

Please note that they often sell out before closing so check their Instagram for updates. Mmm Donuts only accepts debit and credit.

Mmm Donuts Café & Bakery Information

Address: 240 Bayview Drive unit 11 in Barrie
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 7am – 6 pm Saturday 7 am – 4:30 pm Sunday & Monday Closed

5 More Delightful Doughnuts in Ontario to Try

Are you craving more? Donut worry! With so many awesome bakeries and doughnut shops in Ontario we had to share a few more places to add to your list of best donuts in Ontario to try!

Red-Eye Café & Donuts
Red-Eye Café’s Mixed Berry Dip Donut

The Persian Man – For those looking for the best donuts in Ontario’s north then we recommend you head straight to Thunder Bay’s The Persian Man. The incredible donuts found at The Persian Man have been satisfying locals and visitors alike since the mid-1940s. Persians, as they’re known, were even named as one of the most famous donuts in Canada. The Persian is shrouded in mystery as to its ingredients. With hints of cinnamon and a pink frosting these donuts are to die for!

Plant Joy – Whether you’re a vegan or not you’ll jump for joy when you try the donuts from Plant Joy. This vegan donut shop in Windsor serves up award-winning donuts using high-quality fair-trade, organic ingredients. The owner of Plant Joy is passionate about animals, donuts and her community. Some of the best sellers include Espresso Glazed, Banana Cream Pie and Lemon Lavender. Please note that they only do pre-orders at this time, no walk-ins or same-day orders.

Mochi Donut Boutique – With so many awesome donut shops in Toronto we had to share another! Forget about what you think a donut should taste like! Mochi Donut Boutique donuts are an interesting fusion of a Japanese rice cake, known as mocha, and a traditional donut. Created out of eight connected balls these soft and chewy donuts are beloved across the city. A few fun flavours to try are Strawberry Pocky and Chocolate-Covered Almond.

Tyrone Mills –If you’re looking for a slice of history and a sweet treat head to Tyrone Mills. Located just north of Bowmanville, this historic mill that has been in operation for over 150 years. For over 100 years Tyrone Mills has produced apple cider and flour, among other things. But these two have been brought together to create awesome apple cider donuts that should be on your Ontario doughnut bucket list!

Red Eye Café & Donuts – Many boutique donut shops in Ontario run out of donuts by early afternoon. But at Red Eye Café & Donuts in Cambridge you a guaranteed to find a donut right up until closing! Why? Because they start at 4 am and continue baking up until an hour before closing. The donuts at Red Eye come in all sorts of fun and crazy flavours from Pop-Tart to Pina Colada. Their fresh, never frozen donuts come in gluten free as well as vegan and all without the boutique price tag!

Every day is a great day to celebrate and eat donuts! But be sure to add June 3, National Donut Day, to your calendar. Many of these places selling the best donuts in Ontario offer awesome deals!

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