+10 Best Bakeries in Barrie for Baked Goods & Sweets

Nourish your sweet tooth or inner carb junkie at one of the many bakeries in Barrie! The city is full of incredible shops selling a wide range of baked goods, donuts, and homemade breads. As a long time resident of Barrie and area, I frequently indulge in many of the bakeries listed below! So, whether you’re passing through Barrie on a road trip or looking to grab some pastries, these top bakeries will feed your craving!

10 Best Bakeries in Barrie

Satisfy your hunger with a trip to one of the top bakeries in Barrie. Across the city you’ll find a wide array of shops that offer something unique. There are Italian bakeries, shops specializing in cakes, and even plant-based bakeries! So, no matter your dietary need or craving, there’s a bakery to fuel your hankering!

Homestead Bakery and Cafe
interior of Homestead Bakery in Barrie

Homestead Artisan Bakery

This downtown café is best known for their artisan sourdough breads! Along with being one of the best Barrie coffee shops, Homestead Artisan Bakery is my go-to for their country blonde sourdough bread.

Walking in you’ll fall in love with the historic charm with its penny stone floor tiles and exposed brick walls. Offering a range of seating, both classic and cozy, it’s a popular spot all week long, especially on Saturdays. So, get there early if you want to sit in! In the summer they have a fabulous patio that’s perfect for people watching.

Homestead Artisan Bakery is all about supporting farmers and using local ingredients whenever possible. Their breads and baked goods are made with locally milled flours. Sourcing food is very important to them.

This Barrie bakery specializes in sourdough bread, baked goods, and light fare. Their baked goods menu is always evolving but two of my favourites are their mix berry scones and almond croissants. Another great bread flavour to try is their roasted garlic and potato!

In addition to being an awesome bakery, Homestead is a women-owned and operated business!

Homestead Artisan Bakery Information

Address: 80 Dunlop St E, Barrie, ON L4M 1A3
Hours of Operation: Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30am – 4pm Thursday – Saturday 8:30am – 5pm Sunday 9am – 4pm
Phone: 705-252-3680

interior of Fox's Bakery and Delicatessen
shelves & bins of fresh baked goods at Fox’s Bakery

Fox’s Bakery and Delicatessen

The best bakery in Barrie for many is Fox’s Bakery and Delicatessen!

In 1978 the Fox family opened Buns Master Bakery and after a few changes closed it and opened a new bakery. After over 25 years under the Buns Master franchise the family broke free and Fox’s Bakery and Deli was born!

For over 40 years now, this family bakery has been the top spot for residents to buy everything from bread to buns! It’s a common occurrence, especially on Saturday mornings, to find their small parking lot and the whole street lined with cars, eager for goodies!

Fox’s has a long list of fresh items daily that include buns, bagels, croissants, pies, and granola. Plus, it’s a great local spot to grab your deli meats and cheeses. Everything at Fox’s is made with the finest ingredients for maximum flavour quality! And all at the best prices in Barrie!

I absolutely love their salami selection. One of which is called D’Amore Salami and comes in the shape of a heart! They also sell a variety of pastries and sweet treats. A favourite are their cookies and hot cross buns!

Fox’s Bakery and Delicatessen Information

Address: 96 Victoria St, Barrie, ON L4N 2J1
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm, Saturday 7am – 5pm, Sundays Closed
Phone: (705) 737-4646

desserts from Fuda Italian Bakery in Barrie
desserts from Fuda Italian Bakery

Fuda Italian Bakery

After emigrating to Canada from Italy in the 1950s, the Fuda Family and began growing their food business. They spent years in Toronto then Oro before moving to Barrie. For over 20 years now they’ve been feeding countless people in the heart of Barrie.

Fuda Italian Bakery is unequivocally one of the best bakeries in Barrie! The sprawling shop on Wellington Street is home to a market that sells a wide variety of Italian imports. The shelves are lined with everything from pastas to cheeses and olive oil.

The bakery section is full of incredible finds! There’s a wall of fresh breads and counters packed with some of the best desserts around! They obviously specialize in Italian desserts and pastries. All of which are made in house from scratch! A few of the top picks include their cannolis, sfoglia, tarts, and more!

Customers can also dine in or grab some of their awesome premade meals to go. I highly recommend their cannelloni. Plus, they have some of the best pizza in Barrie!

Fuda Italian Bakery Information

Address: 200 Wellington St W, Barrie, ON L4N 1K9
Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 8:00am – 6:00pm & Sundays Closed
Phone: (705) 737-3434

Sigrid’s Cafe & Fine Bakery cookies
Florentiner cookies

Sigrid’s Cafe & Fine Bakery

The city is home to a number of great European bakeries, one of them is Sigrid’s Café & Fine Bakery. This German bakery in Barrie is owned and operated by 4th generation European bakers. Who have been professionally trained, I might add!

Inside Sigrid’s you’ll find a shop chalked full of German/Austrian baked goods. The trick is choosing which ones! The shelves are lined with cakes, cookies, pastries, fresh bread, buns, and bagels. That’s just to name a few!

Sigrid’s Cafe & Fine Bakery also sells a wide assortment of European Imports. If you’re looking for a taste of Europe, they have everything from coffee to dumpling mixes!

They are best known for their authentic Black Forest cake, which will make you salivate just eyeing it up! But I have two favourites. The first is their Bienenstich, which is also called a German Bee Sting Cake. This dessert is a Bavarian classic that’s made with brioche dough, a layer of pastry cream, and topped with a mix of honey and almond. My other go to is their Florentiner. This awesome cookie is thin and crispy, and made with almonds and cherries.

Sigrid’s Cafe & Fine Bakery Information

Address: 10 Ross St, Barrie, ON L4N 1E7
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm, Closed Monday & Sunday
Phone: (705) 726-0121

Jay's Sticky Buns
Jay’s classic sticky bun

Jay’s Sticky Buns

One of the best bakeries in Barrie is Jay’s Sticky Buns! This truly family run business sells, you guessed it, sticky buns!

Jay’s Sticky Buns has the whole family behind the counter with mom, dad (Jay), and the kids all working towards the sweet dream! One son is living his sweet dreams in Alberta as a pastry chef. So, clearly this family knowns it’s sweets!

Walking in you’ll find an assortment of items beyond their famous sticky buns. They sell maple syrup, fun local merch and other goodies. Plus, if you’re craving a coffee with your stick bun, the use Muskoka Roastery Coffee!

The main star in this shop is the sticky buns! Using high quality ingredients, and sourcing locally, when possible, these small batch buns are exceptional! Some flavours are switched up daily, so if there’s a specific one you want to try, be sure to check their website for the daily list.

Two of my favourites are the classic cinnamon and their lemon meringue. Plus, they serve up some fun and creative creations for holidays and special occasions too!

Jay’s Sticky Buns Information

Address: 149 Welham Rd #22, Barrie, ON L4N 8Y3
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 9am – 4:30pm, Saturday 9am – 3pm, Closed Sunday
Phone: (705) 737-2867

The Vegan Pantry treats
selection of treats

The Vegan Pantry

My go to for desserts in Barrie is The Vegan Pantry! I’ve been a dedicated customer since their first location in Barrie. Now, The Vegan Pantry is located close to downtown in an old renovated Victorian home.

As one of the best vegan bakeries in Barrie, they focus on helping people find incredible food that’s vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free! They have an incredible line up of out of this world baked goods and other desserts. In addition, the menu is full of fantastic meals to enjoy in or take out. They have everything from burgers to cauliflower bites.

The Vegan Pantry does treats with flair! They put their own twist on classics like Twix bars and cream egg brownies. With a line up where everything will delight your tastebuds, you’ll want to go hungry!

At the top of my order list every time I visit is their hello dolly! Other crowd favourites are their brownies and Snickers filled chocolate bunnies, which are shaped like bunnies!

The Vegan Pantry Information

Address: 34 Ross St, Barrie, ON L4N 1E9
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Closed Monday & Sunday
Phone: (705) 734-1211

baked goods from Cal's Bakery in Barrie
s’more square, cookie and macaroon from Cal’s

Cal’s Bakery

One of the top bakeries in Barrie for those with a gluten intolerance is Cal’s Bakery. Located on the Golden Mile, Barrie’s Bayfield Street, this small shop is loaded with incredible products.

Best known as a dedicated gluten free bakery, Cal’s also caters to other dietary needs. They sell a range of items that are dairy free, egg free, nut free, as well as vegan goods too!

Cal’s Bakery has everything you’ll need and want and more! The list is long and includes bagels, baguettes, muffins, cookies, and other desserts. Depending on the day you might also find donuts, macarons, and butter tarts. In addition, you’ll find premade meals like Chinese food, perogies and ravioli, all gluten free.

Even if you’re not gluten intolerant you’ll love their goodies! A few of my favourites are their lemon tarts, chocolate macaroons, and all of their cookies!

Cal’s Bakery Information

Address: 331 Bayfield St. Unit 5, Barrie, ON L4M 3C2
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Closed Monday & Sunday
Phone: (705) 792-1769

rainbow donut from Mmm Donuts
rainbow donut from Mmm Donuts

Mmm Donuts • Café & Bakery

We’ve named them for having some of the best donuts in Ontario, but Mmm Donuts has so much more!

Best known for their flavourful vegan donuts, Mmm Donuts & Café is also a bakery! Most people descend on their south end Barrie location for their fun and colourful donuts. Along with classic varieties, they have charismatic creations like their Rainbow Donut, Fudgeo, and French Toast Donut. Plus, they have some of the best seasonal donuts like their Santa Belly! In addition, they have a selection of gluten-free donuts!

Mmm Donuts is a plant-based bakery serving up sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and more along with their donuts. My favourite non-donut menu item is their S’mores cookie! Plus, you’ll find a list of great beverages and daily lunch specials!

This thriving bakery is doing so well that they’ve expanded their first location and added a new location. You can also find Mmm Donuts in the Georgian Mall!

One thing to be aware of is that this is a hot spot in Barrie! On weekends you’ll often find line ups in the morning. Plus, their donuts often sell out before they close, so check their Instagram for the latest updates.

Mmm Donuts • Café & Bakery Information

Address: 240 Bayview Dr unit 11, Barrie, ON L4N 4Y8
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Friday 7am – 6pm, Saturday 7am – 4:30pm, Closed Monday & Sunday
Phone: (705) 733-9000

scones and cookie from Campbell’s British Food & Tearoom
scones and empire cookie from Campbell’s British Food & Tearoom

Campbell’s British Food & Tearoom

Enjoy a taste of Britain here in Barrie at Campbell’s British Food & Tearoom! Their shelves are stocked full of imported British goods like crisps, candies, preserves and more. In addition to the market goods, Campbell’s is one of the best Ontario tea rooms!

But if you’re looking for baked goods step on up to their counter! One side is filled with a wide assortment of meat pies that will bring the taste of the British Isles to you! On the other is a collections of tasty sweet treats like cookies and pastries. I highly recommend grabbing a few of their scones and their delectable British empire cookies!

Campbell’s Tearoom is open select hours, which is perfect for those who want to dine in. You can indulge in a selection of the sweet treats and scones with an afternoon high tea. However, please book at least a day in advance. Or if you want to enjoy a couple of scones and tea you can enjoy their cream tea service without prebooking.

Visitors can also pop in for lunch to try one of their meat pies, served with fries or mash. You’ll taste the freshness as all of their food is made using traditional British recipes using fresh Canadian meat and vegetables!

Campbell’s British Food & Tearoom Information

Address: 274 Burton Ave Unit 18, Barrie, ON L4N 5W4
Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm, Closed Sunday
Phone: (705) 722-6446

Cakes By Design

For close to 20 years, Cakes by Design has been the star of custom cakes in Barrie!

Cakes By Design is another fabulous women owned company in Barrie! Both Jen and Michelle have over 50 years of creating custom cakes combined! And because of their incredible work, their adorable little cake shop in downtown Barrie has been featured in numerous articles both locally in Ontario and internationally!

With over 30 flavours to choose from the options are plentiful! Even if you aren’t in the market for a custom cake, you can still pop into their shop for sweet desserts! Inside you’ll find a variety of cakes and cupcakes. And on Friday and Saturdays they sell amazing donuts! Plus, all of their products are made in a peanut free facility!

Warning to those getting a custom cake: they are so expertly crafted that they look like a work of art and you might not want to eat it! But don’t worry, take a photo for the beauty and dive right in for the terrific taste!

Cakes by Design Information

Address: 89 Toronto St, Barrie, ON L4N 4S6
Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Closed Sunday & Monday
Phone: (705) 739-6886

Andros Cakes' dessert counter
Andros Cakes’ dessert counter

More Barrie Bakeries to Check Out

Can’t get enough?! We’ve rounded up a few more delicious Barrie bakeries that are worth a visit! Whether you’re looking for gluten-free options or mouth-watering sweets, Barrie has it!

The Italian Eatery & Market – Along with being one of best Italian restaurants in Barrie, the Italian Eatery features fresh breads and more! This family run business makes authentic Italian food with fresh ingredients. Located in Park Place, in Barrie’s south end, it’s known for its cannolis and awesome Italian sandwiches.

The Sweet Oven – Another Park Place gem is The Sweet Oven! Named the best butter tarts in Canada by Canadian Living Magazine, butter tart fans need to try these sweet treats! All of their tarts are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, never frozen. Shoppers can choose from over 20 different flavours! Popular flavours include plain, Skor bit, coconut, and their signature Raspberry.

Around My Gluten-Free Table – One of the best bakeries in Barrie for gluten-free options is Around My Gluten-Free Table! Owner and chef, Laurie Rosanelli believes that everyone “deserves mouth-watering, delicious food.” The shop has a wide variety of items, from fresh to frozen. Along with gluten-free desserts like tarts and cookies, they sell a number of premade meals, grocery items, and fresh bread.

Andro Cakes – Downtown you’ll find one of the best places to get cakes in Barrie, Andro Cakes! Home to world class pastry chef with 25 years of experience, Andros Cakes will wow you with their designs! Along with a wide selection of standard and mini cakes, they sell handcrafted truffles, eclairs, donuts and more! As a cheesecake fan, I love their mini cheesecakes!

In all there’s a long and diverse list of bakeries in Barrie! Across the city you’ll find one to suit your craving and dietary need. So, get out and grab some goodies!

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